Having fun around

2017-08-12 03:26:41 by mattisgames

Summer time is here, and we're still adding truckloads of stuff to the Sexforge's alpha!
Be sure to support this awesome exotic sci-fi project if you like it, so we can make it to beta & public release!





Holiday special is here!

2016-12-22 03:31:55 by mattisgames

Just like last one, the year end on a massive positive notes, with truckloads of modules, features, customs, minions and campaigns finished, and a Holiday Special quest to grant all players with unique rewards!

Sexforge lives on and grow bigger every week! Hentai ruleeezz !!!




Just a furry thing ;)

2016-07-22 10:13:26 by mattisgames

Just a pic I made to show some of the fursonas unlockable in-game.

(outfits, colors, bodytypes and everything else can be customized or mixed, obviously, it's just some display of general races for fun!)



Growing hard and strong!

2016-05-16 02:37:41 by mattisgames

Soooo many news on Sexforge, still and always!
I've figured I could make a little news for it here!

What's new? Well : tons of new campaigns, locations, sex animations, customs (bigger boobs, shark cocks, you name it!), a lot more of furry races, an emotion engine, a packed up "bonus/reward" menu with perks and boosts for supporters, and loads of fixes, tweaks and engine optimisations for faster and funnier exotic action at its best!!!

Still in closed alpha for patreon supporters, alas, because the engine still can't handle a lot of new people and lacks some critical modules, so I don't want to disappoint and have people hoping it's a full game yet when it's not, but working on it 48h/day!

Enough with the talk, let's show some flesh!
















Some intercourses ago, in a far far away colony...

2015-11-12 09:49:43 by mattisgames

Well, it's been some time, and we've made truckloads of sexy stuff in-between!

As for minigames, a nice collab on "Horny Holidays : Pumpkin Witches", for example, and a new KoPC update!

And as for Sexforge... listing all the magnificent news building up the game towards an infamous beta would be very long (harems, sex anims, campaigns, features, etc...), so... I'll just show you a whole bunch of screens from the patreon's feed, it's way more striking that way!









Exotic times

2015-09-14 09:51:38 by mattisgames

This summer saw my Jessica Rabbit's minigame completion (at last!), and release on gamcore.com this very weekend, and loads of Sexforge updates on the alpha! (still not ready for public release, but still accessible to patreon contributors, if you want to get onboard)

There's been so much things I don't even remember where we left, but here's a few pictures anyway!

See ya around!




Growing hot!

2015-06-28 02:27:52 by mattisgames

Hi everyone!

As the Sexforge alpha got access limited to supporters, for now, I figured it would be nice to share some w.i.p screenshots with non-patreons too, just to keep you informed of how it's evolving! ;)

And for now, it is evolving in great proportions!

Loads of customs for everyone's wishes, shops, outfits, stripping, new poses, quests, NPCs, locations, a new minigame and even the first multiplayer mating feature! It comes around nicely!




Sexforge alpha is out !

2015-03-16 05:48:06 by mattisgames

Well, that won't help you a lot, alas, as it's a "restricted early access", only for charged patreon supporters.

(to be able to see things evolve from inside, for their efforts to make it real!)

Still not much content at all, for now, as we focused a lot on playability, quick alpha release, and getting the big skeleton structure to work! If we were to make a small game, it would have quickly looked good and full of stuff (like my dozen other small hentai games proved it), but this one is meant to be far bigger, so it's need muuuuuuch more backstage work!

Anyway, it's growing!

Feel free to get on board, we'll get inside people with patreon.com monthly process, anyway!



The heat is on!

2015-02-12 02:30:26 by mattisgames

Yep, the Sexforge project is still going on good! (for those of you who aren't following its patreon page)

A tremendous amount of work, and loads of road bumps met here and there, but everything is coming into place as we go, we're seasonned veterans behind the wheel, hell yeah!

Still very early work, though, for now I'm just focusing on testing protocols, and making a working skeleton & tools for years to come, it's not like simple small games (which I do too, there : mattis.mysexgames.com), it's a big evolutive project. All the "flesh & looks" will be the next step.

Note that, as the game uses complex databases, it will not be a "movable" flash games, but a static URL/website. So, don't expect dozens of updates release on NG, you'll have to go there to play it! But for now nothing is out, even if I hope to release the first alpha build by the end of the month. (get at least 1$ processed on the patreon page, if you want early access to it) 

That said, a few development pictures, enjoy!

Early concepts for first NPC



Coming back to NG !

2014-09-29 03:53:52 by mattisgames

Who the hell are you ?

I'm a productive hentai game developper, yeah ! I'm the one-man army guy behind KoPC (and its countless updates and improvments), YTPP games series, the Sex Pit, TiT funny games, and so on ! 


So, hentai games and tons of projects, hmm ?

I know, I know, not the best over-the-cherry-on-top kind of stuff, but hey, between a boring lack of any real new hentai games and all 'projects' that we're still waiting to see happening, my not-so-bad stuff are still nice to enjoy, no ?

And I got plenty more from where those games came from ! And I always improve, try to do collabs to vary my drawing style, grant players wishes, etc... 


Oh boy, needing support !

Anyway, guess what ? No magic here, just a freaking load of sweat, blood and energy, to produce all those games you're free to play ! (especially when you're not gifted like me)

Sooo.... if you want more, better, get exclusives & rewards, or just the adventure to continue, and maybe join the boat or make your wish into the Mattis well, please, oh my dears please support the cause, if you like my games ! You have no idea how much it would be appreciated !