Entry #1

Coming back to NG !

2014-09-29 03:53:52 by mattisgames

Who the hell are you ?

I'm a productive hentai game developper, yeah ! I'm the one-man army guy behind KoPC (and its countless updates and improvments), YTPP games series, the Sex Pit, TiT funny games, and so on ! 


So, hentai games and tons of projects, hmm ?

I know, I know, not the best over-the-cherry-on-top kind of stuff, but hey, between a boring lack of any real new hentai games and all 'projects' that we're still waiting to see happening, my not-so-bad stuff are still nice to enjoy, no ?

And I got plenty more from where those games came from ! And I always improve, try to do collabs to vary my drawing style, grant players wishes, etc... 


Oh boy, needing support !

Anyway, guess what ? No magic here, just a freaking load of sweat, blood and energy, to produce all those games you're free to play ! (especially when you're not gifted like me)

Sooo.... if you want more, better, get exclusives & rewards, or just the adventure to continue, and maybe join the boat or make your wish into the Mattis well, please, oh my dears please support the cause, if you like my games ! You have no idea how much it would be appreciated !




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2014-09-29 11:53:39

Wecome back...whoever you are xD

mattisgames responds:

Well put, sir, and thx ! :D