The heat is on!

2015-02-12 02:30:26 by mattisgames

Yep, the Sexforge project is still going on good! (for those of you who aren't following its patreon page)

A tremendous amount of work, and loads of road bumps met here and there, but everything is coming into place as we go, we're seasonned veterans behind the wheel, hell yeah!

Still very early work, though, for now I'm just focusing on testing protocols, and making a working skeleton & tools for years to come, it's not like simple small games (which I do too, there :, it's a big evolutive project. All the "flesh & looks" will be the next step.

Note that, as the game uses complex databases, it will not be a "movable" flash games, but a static URL/website. So, don't expect dozens of updates release on NG, you'll have to go there to play it! But for now nothing is out, even if I hope to release the first alpha build by the end of the month. (get at least 1$ processed on the patreon page, if you want early access to it) 

That said, a few development pictures, enjoy!

Early concepts for first NPC




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