Sexforge alpha is out !

2015-03-16 05:48:06 by mattisgames

Well, that won't help you a lot, alas, as it's a "restricted early access", only for charged patreon supporters.

(to be able to see things evolve from inside, for their efforts to make it real!)

Still not much content at all, for now, as we focused a lot on playability, quick alpha release, and getting the big skeleton structure to work! If we were to make a small game, it would have quickly looked good and full of stuff (like my dozen other small hentai games proved it), but this one is meant to be far bigger, so it's need muuuuuuch more backstage work!

Anyway, it's growing!

Feel free to get on board, we'll get inside people with monthly process, anyway!




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2015-04-25 05:34:15

Looks really interesting