Growing hot!

2015-06-28 02:27:52 by mattisgames

Hi everyone!

As the Sexforge alpha got access limited to supporters, for now, I figured it would be nice to share some w.i.p screenshots with non-patreons too, just to keep you informed of how it's evolving! ;)

And for now, it is evolving in great proportions!

Loads of customs for everyone's wishes, shops, outfits, stripping, new poses, quests, NPCs, locations, a new minigame and even the first multiplayer mating feature! It comes around nicely!





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2015-06-28 11:31:49

Grats on the following! I'm glad ^^ how long has this been around now? I remember seeing something about this a month or 2 back and I'm happy to see the idea fully-fledged and kicking ass

mattisgames responds:

Thx! All my games are more or less linked, as I learn stuff every occasion I have to fuel the main projects. So it's some kind of continuity.
But for Sexforge itself, I've been working on it since the beginning of the year.
Loooots of backstage invisible engine work until lately, alas, as I got massive challenges and dreams for this game, but we seem to reach a point where modules added start to really show something.
Still in early alpha, but it's coming together bit by bit!