Growing hard and strong!

2016-05-16 02:37:41 by mattisgames

Soooo many news on Sexforge, still and always!
I've figured I could make a little news for it here!

What's new? Well : tons of new campaigns, locations, sex animations, customs (bigger boobs, shark cocks, you name it!), a lot more of furry races, an emotion engine, a packed up "bonus/reward" menu with perks and boosts for supporters, and loads of fixes, tweaks and engine optimisations for faster and funnier exotic action at its best!!!

Still in closed alpha for patreon supporters, alas, because the engine still can't handle a lot of new people and lacks some critical modules, so I don't want to disappoint and have people hoping it's a full game yet when it's not, but working on it 48h/day!

Enough with the talk, let's show some flesh!

















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