Holiday special is here!

2016-12-22 03:31:55 by mattisgames

Just like last one, the year end on a massive positive notes, with truckloads of modules, features, customs, minions and campaigns finished, and a Holiday Special quest to grant all players with unique rewards!

Sexforge lives on and grow bigger every week! Hentai ruleeezz !!!





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2016-12-24 23:19:03

when do you think assess to the game will be given to non patrion supporters?

mattisgames responds:

As soon as it has all the critical modules in place (there's still no sound at all, for now, for example), and as soon as the database can handle a lot of players at once. (which isn't the case for now)


2017-01-12 16:26:11

Yo, just wanted to say, thanks for the review response, and keep working on your craft. :)